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February 5 Title Board Results

Vision 2020 submitted 17 initiatives to the state Title Board on February 5. All 17 received titles, moving Colorado one step closer to fiscal reform and allowing Vision 2020 to move forward with signature collection to put one measure (or multiple) on the ballot. Including one previous measure already given a title, these 18 measures being considered by Vision 2020 represent three distinct variations of action on tax policy.

  1. Repeal: Restores shared responsibility for tax policy decisions between voters and elected representatives

  2. Replace: Gives TABOR a much-needed update and offers lawmakers more flexibility to meet Colorado’s funding needs

  3. Fair income tax: Raises tax rates for those earning over $250,000 a year, with one option including a tax cut for 95% of Coloradans and a rate increase for the top 5% of earners

These measures are an opportunity for voters to start untangling Colorado's fiscal knot, which has led to severe underfunding of some of Colorado’s most important services and programs.

Click here to see the titles or visit the Secretary of State's website.

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