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Vision 2020 is a network of people – some organizations, some individuals – who are working together to improve our tax code. Colorado has a pretty unique situation and, in this case, unique isn’t a good thing. We have an outdated fiscal framework that doesn’t allow us to invest in the community resources that are important to us.

Taxes are one of the ways that we invest in ourselves and our communities. The infrastructure that we fund with taxes means we have clean drinking water, safe roads, and good schools. The problem is that many of those systems have been underfunded for a long time and they are starting to fall apart.

Vision 2020 is a group of people who want to do something about that. We have to get rid of the outdated tax code that doesn’t let us invest in ourselves…and we’re going to need a big, diverse group of people to do that. This change isn’t going to happen overnight, but we’re committed to working hard to make the Colorado that we all want to live in – one with great libraries, schools, roads, and communities – a reality.